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Sirens is a community based recording studio. This means that because of arts funding, we are able to put on music based events run by specialists for subsidised prices.

Our events are aimed at diverse and marginalised genders, aged between 18 - 25.

Here's what we've been up to so far.

Launch Event

27th November 2021, we were lucky enough to host Rubie, Sukie and Hockeysmith for our Launch event at the Fish Factory. 


Rubie is a songstress and multi-instrumentalist from south London, whose work navigates a trans politics of slipperiness and inbetweenness. 

Sukie, 22, uses her experience working minimum-wage summer jobs to write soft pop about the boredom and niceness of everyday life.

Hockeysmith is the solo project of Annie Hockeysmith, a Falmouth based musician who creates dark disorientating dance music, with a touch of bubblegum pop.

Analogue Synth Workshop 

4th December we had Delia Detritus join us for a Modular Synth Workshop. This was our first workshop as part of the Sirens program.

Delia Detritus is a multidisciplinary artist who works across a variety of disciplines including woodcarving, sound installation, improvisational music and spoken word.
Delia's workshop included a rundown of her live rig, hands on access to her modular gear and a guided session on drone making and performance. This workshop was specifically for women and people of marginalised genders aged 18-25.


Recording Session with Delia

5th December, after the workshop, we enjoyed a lovely evening at the studio with Delia and some local musicians.  Delia led the session with her analogue synth rig, which was accompanied by a cello and violin. A total of 2 hours of improvisational music was recorded.

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