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Introducing our new daily flat rate of £45.


Access to
entire studio
and equipment.
Sessions begin at

10 am and end
at 6pm.


Request a booking

We also accommodate recurring monthly/weekly bookings.

Use of a studio engineer includes additional fees of £20/hr.

All £45 flat-rate bookings include the space and equipment, until 6pm on the day of your booking. 

Once you have finished your session and shut down/locked up, keys can be left in the lockbox.

We do provide an optional detailed induction on equipment and space on arrival for your first booking. The studio also has a dedicated manual, complete with set up/shut down procedure, signal flow map, equipment itinerary, parking permit and information on our microphones.

Our recording studio does not have a toilet but public toilets (including accessible) are just outside the door.

We do offer bookings by the hour at £10/hr.

Will you be needing a studio engineer during your booking?

Please ensure you have checked our 'Studio' page so you know we have all the equipment you might need before you arrive

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